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We are not another, automotive management group

Just like you, we’ve lived it, Everyday. For decades!

The ups; the downs: We know what works and what doesn't. As a matter of fact, our system earned us two, national automotive shop awards and 28 regional, “Best Auto Repair” awards, over a 20-year period.  

Automotive-Standard has made a positive impact, assisting 100s of shops, across the United States and Canada, the past three years. Now, it’s time to take these important business practices and introduce them into your shop. 

Tech turn-around issues?

Discouraged service personnel? 

Automotive-Standard has the "fix!"

Our shop techs were with us for 18-years, 17-years, 16-years, 12-years, 11-years… 

Let us show you how to keep staff motivative, team-goal members for the long-term. 

Thinking about selling your shop? 

It takes more than a good-looking building to sell a shop. And, most business brokers work for themselves – they just want to “close” the deal – sometimes leaving sellers in a lurch.   Automotive-Standard knows what it takes to sell an automotive shop for the most money. 

Our latest, shop-assist sale: $2.3M. 

Want to see how much your business is worth? 

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Not another club or internet group - we're live in your shop

Teaching auto techs to make the shop money!

Maintenance check

Want to talk about up-coming technology which will affect your shop? Give us a call and we can chat about what’s up-and-coming to your bays, soon; how to adjust for the future technology. 

Diagnostic review

Want a second-set of auto savvy, professional eyes reviewing your books? We know what works and what can be trimmed to make your shop the most profitable. Remember: We treat every client like they are our only client. Confidentially.

Partial shop overhaul

Sometimes a little wrenching is needed to readjust the business machine. Each shop is unique. We can guide you regarding which shop business model works best for you and your crew. Moving forward with a more, profitable shop. 

Shop overhaul

And, sometimes, a lot of wrenching is needed to get everything “hitting on all eight.” We are there to guide you through this difficult process, getting the business running, again, at WOT.  

Pre-sale shop setup for your automotive business

Thinking about selling your shop? This discussion should start a 24 to 36 months before putting your business on the market. There’s a lot to consider; that should be made a year or two before the business goes up for sale. 

Shop sale negotiation help

You just don’t “sell” your shop: There’s lots of questions.

What’s the local market? How much is it worth?  Do I tell my employees? How do I find a broker?

And, In most cases, the business broker works for the deal – not for you! Then, when you find a buyer, there’s months of due diligence, further negotiations above and beyond the intent contract. We’ve been there. Done that. Let us help you through a successful sale onto retirement, and beyond. 

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