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We're your extra expert in the shop. 

About Us

Pam Oakes ASE/EET, mgr director


More than 28 years as a master technician, this fourth-generation professional, 20-year shop owner transformed into an automotive applications engineer and trainer for national & international companies, the past five years. Specializing in electrical, programming and ADAS technologies.  Detailed professional bio: LinkedIn.com/in/pamoakesaseeetas

No more sending out to the dealer!


Right to your door: Complete, Advanced Autel ADAS & Programming: Asian, Domestic & European makes and models. FULL-ADAS target programming for all ADAS sensor (lidar, radar, camera, night vision...& more) applications. 

We come to your shop. No more travel-time. Call or text (813) 433-0502

We do more than just ADAS


Right to your door: Programming modules, module calibration updates, key fob recognition and more! 

We are just a phone call or text away!

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